Fire Alarm and Detection System

We distribute the World's leading AMPAC brand of fire detection and alarm system.
The FireFinder+ is a state of the art multi-microprocessor controlled intelligent fire alarm panel.
The LoopSense intelligent control panel is a compact yet feature rich fire alarm panel.
The SmartTerminal Slim is an LCD annunciator and a perfect companion to the LoopSense and FireFinder+
Our range of detectors include photo optical smoke detectors, ionisation heat detectors, heat detectors, and multi-sensor detectors.
TITANUS PRO•SENS is a universal air sampling device suitable for a broad range of applications.
The Automatic Gas Extinguishant Panel is a powerful partner for automatic fire suppression systems ideal for applications housing expensive, dangerous or irreplaceable items.

The XPander range of products provide the ideal solution for sites where laying cables are an issue.

SmartView unleashes the power of FireFinder+ by creating a robust hub for controlling your fire detection system with one fully integrated package.