Smoke Curtain System

In smoke control systems, physical barriers are often required to contain or channel smoke to create a smoke reservoir for extraction out of the area. These physical barriers may be static or active depending on design and aesthetic requirements.

About the Smoke Curtain System

The 9Square SmoKURTAIN is a physical barrier in the form of a smoke curtain that comes in both active (movable) and static versions.

When powered, the smoke curtain will be retracted and held above ceiling level.

During fire, the smoke curtain receives a signal from the fire detection system and automatically unrolls forming a physical smoke barrier.

  • Gravity Fail-Safe Operation
  • Smoke Curtain achieves D120 temperature classification
  • Fabric achieves Class '0' surface rating
  • Able to withstand hot smoke up to 600°C for 120 minutes
  • Tested and approved to EN 12101-1:2005+A1:2006

System Components

Smoke Defender Screen

  • Curtain width from 1,000mm (minimum) to 5,500mm (maximum)
  • Curtain drop heights up to 10,000mm are available upon contact with our sales office.

Gravity Fail-safe tubular motor

  • Designed and assembled in Singapore
  • The permanent DC motor, gearbox and current limiting circuit are housed within a tubular aluminum enclosure.
  • Carefully designed and tested to ensure maximum reliability.

Zone Control Panel (ZCP)

  • Connected to the SCCP
  • Allows local activation and reset of the smoke curtains connected to the SCCPs in a particular smoke control zone.

Smoke Curtain Control Panel (SCCP)

  • Supports up to eight Smoke Curtains connected together
  • When more than eight Smoke Curtains are required in a particular smoke control zone, one or more additional SCCP can be connected together.
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