Intelligent Water Monitor System

The LAS-C25 intelligent water monitor system is an active fire protection device which discharges water directly at a fire source within its detection radius.

The LAS-C25 is an intelligent water monitor system comprising of the water monitor device, water monitor control panel and water monitor alarm panel. The water monitor device integrates a series of advanced IR/UV sensing technology to accurately determine the location of a fire source within its protection radius and discharges water directly at the source, extinguishing the fire in a matter of seconds.

The LAS-C25 is well suited for large areas with high ceilings such as atriums, sports halls, auditoriums etc.

It is capable of providing enhanced protection to areas where conventional sprinkler systems are deemed ineffective when installed at high levels.

It can also serve as a primary protection system when it is difficult to install sprinkler pipes or when these pipes are unsightly affecting the overall aesthetics of the area.

  • Provides 24 hour round the clock surveillance and protection against fire hazards
  • 360° protection within 24m radius from the device
  • 3 stage detection sequence reduces risk of false alarms
  • Fully automatic fire detection and extinguishing capabilities within protection range
  • Water stream directed at fire source prevents flooding of site
  • No Objection Letter granted by FSSD for use in Singapore

System Components

Water Monitor Device

  1. 1 No. UV/IR Sensor and 2 Nos. IR Sensors within the device
  2. In-built nozzle drive mechanism utilising stepper motors to accurately position the nozzle at the fire source
  3. Communicates with the Water Monitor Control Panel via 4 Nos. proprietary data cables.

Water Monitor Control Panel

  • Each device is controlled by its own Water Monitor Control Panel
  • Panel consists of circuit board and electronics to control and monitor the LAS-C25 Water Monitor Device
  • Panel has to be installed within 1m from the Water Monitor Device

Local Manual Override Control Panel

  • Panel consists of override switches capable of controlling the direction of the nozzle and to start / stop water discharge
  • Panel is connected to the Water Monitor Control Panel
  • Panel has to be installed at an area where the user is able to see the protected area and the connected device

Water Monitor Alarm Panel

  • PSB Approved FireFinder Plus Alarm Control Panel complying to international standards worldwide
  • All water Monitor Control Panels will be connected to a Water Monitor Alarm Panel (FCC Room) vis control modules.