XPander Wireless Detection

Traditionally, fire detection systems in industrial and commercial applications have used hard wired installations. These systems are generally installed at the time of construction or refurbishment, making the laying of cables not a great issue. However, certain applications do not lend themselves to this approach, such as occupied buildings, heritage sites, architecturally sensitive buildings and annexes. This is where wireless systems provide the ideal solution. Xpander is a system in which individual detectors, call points and alarm devices communicate with the Ampac range of fire control panel using wireless radio signals.

XPander Smoke Detector

The Xpander Optical Smoke Detector works on the light scatter principle and is ideal for applications where slow-burning or smoldering fires are likely.

XPander Heat Detector

There are two heat detectors in the Xpander range designed to suit a wide variety of operating conditions. A static heat detector (CS) which responds only when a fixed temperature has been reached and a rate-of-rise detector (A1R) which has a fixed upper limit, but in addition, measures the rate of increase in temperature.

Xpander Multisensor Detector

The Xpander Multisensor Detector contains an optical smoke sensor and a thermistor temperature sensor whose outputs are combined to give the final analogue value.

XPander Manual Call Point

The Xpander Manual Call Point is compliant with AS7240-11 and is powered by two independent packs of three AA alkaline batteries with a typical five year life.

XPander Sounder & Beacon

The Xpander Sounder Beacon and Sounder Base is wireless and designed to be used with Xpander detectors and manual call points.

XPander Loop Interface

The XPander Loop Interface Unit communicates between the intelligent control panel and the XPander detectors as the detectors alone can’t communicate directly with the panel.
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